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Fire rated PIR wall and ceiling panels can be used in all hygienic cold, chill and ambient environments. The panel provides a particularly effective solution in cold environments, where internal temperatures are between 0°C and -40°C, and where fire resistance, excellent thermal insulation and hygiene are essential.

PIR is amongst the most efficient insulating materials available. Its low-density rigid foam exhibits superior thermal stability and lower combustibility when compared to polyurethane foams. PIR insulation products have excellent thermal conductivity, do not support the growth of fungi, are resistant to moisture ingress and are CFC and H (CFC) free. The core is non-deleterious (no airborne fibres) which is particularly effective in high specification food installations.

Fire Performance
PIR cores provide Fire Resistance of up to 1 hour. When exposed to flame PIR forms a strong carbonaceous char that protects the core foam from ignition. PIR is recognised industry wide as the fire safe alternative to other foam cores including polyurethane and polystyrene.

. Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) Approved

. Fire Performance Characteristics: LPS 1181 Part 2 and LPS 1208 Issue 2 FR30 - FR60

. BS476 Part 22E 30/60 Minutes

Panels are finished with steel facings with a wide range of coatings available including Foodsafe laminate / polyester, PVF2 and HPS200.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, PIR panels are profiled as standard.  Panels can be provided with a smooth finish on request, however please note that the smooth finish should not be considered the same as an architecturally flat finish.  Unfortunately we cannot accept any liability for visible surface undulations present on smooth finish panels.

The panels have high performance male / female interlocking metal facings to provide a secure and consistent joint detail. The interlocking joint, sealed with silicone, encapsulates the core ensuring total parity and a continuous anti-bacterial barrier.

Technical Specifications
Panel Thickness 50mm – 200mm
Max Panel Length 18m
Max Wall Height (Single Span) 14m
Max Ceiling Span (Unsupported) 11m
Panel Weight 11.2 - 17 kg / m²
Fire Rating (LPS 1208 / BS476 Part 22E) 30 – 60 minutes
U Value (W / m K) 0.10 – 0.40

Please visit the Brochures section of our website. Here you can download our Insulated Panel Technical Data Sheets as PDF files.

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