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Modular Build Facilities

In today’s modern society, circumstances within any industry can change at the drop of the hat, whether that be down to ongoing consumer trends or unforeseen breaking news. Businesses need to react quickly in these situations to be able to continue to meet clients’ demands. It could be a nationwide shortage of a specific vaccination […]

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Stancold offering food-safe PIR panel systems

From Polystyrene to PIR Panels – How Far Have We Come?

Stancold’s more than 70 years of experience in installing composite panel systems mean that we have seen the industry evolve and take shape into what it is today. This has included technical advancements in new panel manufacturing processes, creating products to provide the most suitable solutions to our clients. Over the last 40 years, there […]

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Mineral Fibre Core Panel

Rockwool vs Mineral Fibre Panel Insulation – What’s The Difference?

For many building owners that require passive fire protection, finding out exactly what is needed can be a maze of information. For this type of project, a one-size-fits-all approach can’t be applied, as often the unique insurance and Building Regulation requirements determine what should be installed. As every building is made up differently, it’s important […]

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The gin craze continues

Gin – What’s Next for the Modern Tipple?

Behind almost every bar across the country, gin bottles of all shapes and sizes line the shelves, ready to be picked, poured and paired with an array of mixers and garnishes. Whether it’s a simple tonic combination or a fruitier cocktail, many exclusive gin clubs and even local pubs now offer extensive menus, showcasing some […]

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Stancold Are LPS Accredited Installers

The Importance of Using LPS Certified Contractors

When undergoing any major structural refurbishments within your business premises, finding the right contractor to complete the job is very important. Of course, their costs and reputation play a huge part in the process, but proven experience and qualifications in the field are second to none. Where structures are installed to protect personnel, products and […]

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Servers in a data centre

The Importance of Firewalls in Data Centres

They are facilities that you will almost never see signposted if you’re passing and their multi-layered security precautions, both physical and virtual, ensure its contents are free from external threat. This means that the design and build of a data centre, or colocation facility as they’re also known, cannot be understated for reducing vulnerability to […]

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Food trends in 2019

Keeping Up with Current Trends – How Can Food Manufacturers Do More?

Food trends are changing at a rate of knots. Over recent years, consumers have become much savvier in their choices when it comes to what they’re putting in their bodies and what they want to know from manufacturers. From vegetarianism and veganism to allergy awareness, the UK’s dietary requirements are now more intricate, where brands […]

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Firewall installation

What To Consider For Your Firewall Installation

There are several different components to consider when thinking about installing fire-rated industrial partitions, all requiring equal consideration and understanding. Firewalls are needed in a number of different scenarios, whether that be as a regulatory requirement within an existing building or as part of new large-scale industrial developments. For example, if a vast warehouse space […]

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Mortuary chiller image

Industry Spotlight: Mortuary Chillers

Winter is often a very difficult time for the country’s health service. With the weather getting colder and immune systems weakening during this time, hospital admissions generally rise and unfortunately so do the number of deaths. The Office for National Statistics noted that during the 2016 to 2017 Winter period, there were an estimated 34,300 […]

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Internal Cleanroom Shot

The Importance of Aluminium Honeycomb Core in Cleanrooms

As we’ve visited in a previous blog post, there is lots to consider when choosing the make-up of your cleanroom. As facilities used for pharmaceutical processing, medical device testing and research laboratories amongst others, their closely regulated environments are critical to prevent airborne particles from causing contamination to the processes inside. What Is Aluminium Honeycomb […]

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Installing composite panels in a food factory

Composite Panels – The Future of Firewalls

Firewalls. A crucial part of a building’s internal safety structure and often now a compulsory factor in insurance compliance. This form of passive fire protection enables a potential fire outbreak to be contained to one area until it is discovered or tended to, therefore preventing its spread and causing further damage. This structure complements active […]

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Arranged collection of fruit and vegetables

6 Tips For Preserving Fruit and Vegetables in Cold Storage

When storing fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables, you must ensure appropriate measures are in place to lengthen storage life and maintain quality. Cold storage, from small modular units to complete storage fit-outs, is crucial for your business if you play a part in taking fresh produce from the field through to the consumer. […]

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