Cheese Facility

Independent Cheese Producers


The customer is a family-run business who produce speciality cheese for more than 25 years, using 100% sheep’s and cow’s milk and no artificial additives.


Stancold has redeveloped the entire cheese production facility and built the following key areas: wash up room, maturing room, cold room, wrapping / packing area.


Stancold delivered the project to a tight deadline and showed flexibility towards work schedules as simultaneously there were other structural works carried out on site.

The installation was finished on time.

Managing Director
Project Production Expansion: 3 Ambient + 1 Cold Room
Building Use Cheese Production Facility
Panel Core Polyisocyanurate (PIR)
Panel Supplier Kingspan
Panel Thickness 50mm/80mm
Panel Facing White Cleanable Food-Safe Finish
Panel Requirements 306 m²
Door Requirements External Hinged and Double-Hinged Personnel Door, Hinged Chiller Doors, Sliding Personnel Door