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PVC vs Composite Panels

PVC Hygienic Cladding vs Composite Panel Systems for Clean Environments

A ‘clean’ environment carries different meanings for different types of applications, from the strictest ISO or GMP grade facilities required for vaccine production suites to less stringent ‘clean not classified’ spaces that must simply be kept free from dust and external pollutants. Depending on the level of cleanliness required within an area, there are several […]

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Supply & Install of Cleanrooms

The Advantages of Cleanroom Supply & Installation

Where new cleanroom builds are required within the pharmaceutical, medical and high-end manufacturing industries, it is essential that they are completed to the highest quality and to the exact build specification. Where the processes undertaken within these facilities can be easily contaminated by airborne particles or are sometimes extremely hazardous, the greatest care must be […]

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Modular Build Facilities

How Modular Can Help Your Business Move Forward

In today’s modern society, circumstances within any industry can change at the drop of the hat, whether that be down to ongoing consumer trends or unforeseen breaking news. Businesses need to react quickly in these situations to be able to continue to meet clients’ demands. It could be a nationwide shortage of a specific vaccination […]

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Internal Cleanroom Shot

The Importance of Aluminium Honeycomb Core in Cleanrooms

As we’ve visited in a previous blog post, there is lots to consider when choosing the make-up of your cleanroom. Closely regulated environments used for pharmaceutical processing, medical device testing and research laboratories, amongst others, are critical to preventing airborne particles from causing contamination to the processes inside. What Is Aluminium Honeycomb Core?  Aluminium honeycomb core […]

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Aeronautical cleanroom facility installed by Stancold

What To Consider When Choosing Walls For Your Cleanroom

When designing and planning a controlled environment such as a cleanroom, one of the most important things to think about is what materials you need for your cleanroom walls. It’s important to keep out airborne particles that may cause contamination and allow for an integrated design for control of temperature, humidity and air flow. Each […]

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Designing clean rooms and labs

What Are The Differences in ISO Cleanroom Classifications?

The International Standards Organisation uses the standard ISO 14644 to outline the approach for the design, classification and operation of cleanrooms. ISO 14644 has a ranking system for cleanrooms running from ISO 1 to 9. The system is rated on the number of airborne particles per m³ and the size of those particles, with 1 […]

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