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Firewall installation

What To Consider For Your Firewall Installation

There are several different components to consider when thinking about installing fire-rated industrial partitions, all requiring equal consideration and understanding. Firewalls are needed in a number of different scenarios, whether that be as a regulatory requirement within an existing building or as part of new large-scale industrial developments. For example, if a vast warehouse space […]

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Installing composite panels in a food factory

Composite Panels – The Future of Firewalls

Firewalls. A crucial part of a building’s internal safety structure and often now a compulsory factor in insurance compliance. This form of passive fire protection enables a potential fire outbreak to be contained to one area until it is discovered or tended to, therefore preventing its spread and causing further damage. This structure complements active […]

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Installing composite panels for distribution centre

Why Is Firestopping So Important?

When considering the design and installation of a new industrial partition or fire-rated room it is essential to consider passive fire protection. Commercial buildings are often busy places where people come and go, so ensuring that the building and the people inside it are kept safe, especially as these environments can often lend themselves to […]

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Firewall core

Active Fire Protection vs Passive Fire Protection

When you think about the elements put in place to protect your home or office from fire, the first things that usually come to mind are the alarms and fire extinguisher. You will have certainly undertaken a fire drill in your office and heard the alarm being tested, and if you have been unlucky, set […]

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