System: Puracore Cleanroom

As an independent cleanroom installation contractor, Stancold is able to offer a full range of cleanroom panel systems based on the ISO requirements and budgets of our clients.

When only the highest ISO, quality and specification rooms will do, Stancold will install your cleanroom using FM Approved Puracore panels.

Manufactured in Bristol in an ISO certified plant, the Puracore team use high specification materials and precision engineering to guarantee the exacting quality standards that are required for a cleanroom environment.

As an Approved Puracore Partner, we at Stancold are able to demonstrate our expertise of the panel system across design and construction. We work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that our clients’ high specification cleanrooms are carefully built to adhere to the required ISO Cleanroom Standards 1-9.

The Puracore Cleanroom System has been accredited to the highest standard and offers the following benefits:

  • Complete cleanroom system across EN ISO 14644: ISO 1 to 9
  • FM Approval Standard 4882 and 4880
  • GMP compliant walls, doors, windows and ancillaries
  • The cleanroom system can be customised to suit individual needs
  • Fully flush double glazed toughened vision panels – with a range of options
  • Fully flush interlocking single and double doors
  • Air return panels
  • Electrical raceways
  • Preformed corners
  • Integrated service panels

What this means for your cleanroom installation

The Puracore Cleanroom System has been specifically designed to meet all the requirements of the high specification cleanrooms. It is one of only two companies in the world that has FM Approval, awarded for its flush cleanroom system with aluminium honeycomb cored panel.

The Puracore Cleanroom System can also be specified to your exact requirements. Our installation team have installed Puracore cleanrooms for companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, a 32,000ft² cleanroom for aeronautical research and development and an ISO 8 probiotics processing cleanroom suite.

Our technical expertise and understanding of the Puracore Cleanroom System mean that you get a custom-fitted cleanroom that is installed to meet the highest cleanroom standards in the world.

If you want to find out more about whether this cleanroom system is suitable for your requirements, or have any further questions, give Mark a call on 0117 316 7000.

Our Promise

  • High Quality Insulated Panels & Doors Perfect for Cleanroom Applications
  • Precise Design & Professional Project Management
  • ISO Quality Assured & CEBA Accredited Installation
  • Friendly & Experienced Installation Teams
  • 2 Year Warranty for Installation Defects
  • Competitive & Transparent Pricing